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Tastes of Geneseo (tips from a lunch-break explorer)

During the summer here at Touch of Grayce I get asked at least once a day... "Where is a great place to grab lunch?" I LOVE that question. It gives me the opportunity to flex my local muscles and share the knowledge that I've gained over the last 6 years here in Geneseo. It kills me to think of visitors in our village settling for the first drive-thru they find before getting a chance to hear about our not-so-hidden gems. I want every visitor to get the absolute most they can out of our vibrant village. So here is my answer to that question...


Quick/Easy/Casual: Crickets Coffee Co. - This place is cool. The baristas, and yes they are baristas and not just college-kids pouring coffee, really care about their craft. And the wonder-woman who owns it has made a next-level menu of bites you'd only expect to see at some swanky city place. Being just a few sidewalk blocks from Touch of Grayce makes this my go to lunch-break coffee stop.

Sit-down Diner: Mae's - My favorite thing about Mae's is that there is a bright, open dining room filled with natural light on the left and then a quieter, cozier, darker dining room on the right. Pick your mood. Bright mimosa morning? Or I-still-need-my-coffee-and-makeup morning? I love options.


Quick/Grab & Go: Bar-Eat-O - I'm sure they hate being compared like this, but Bar-Eat-O is set-up similarly to Chipotle - except with even better options... and a 30-foot long bar. They do slushy sangria and frozen margaritas. If you ask really nicely, they'll combine the two together - it makes two, so you'll need a friend... or not. Oh were we talking about lunch?

Sit-down Experience: EuroCafé - I'm sure many would tell you to go here for dinner. But I believe the real beauty of this place shines during the lunch hour. It's often fully busy at dinner time, but when you go for lunch chances are the servers will have more time to share their knowledge of Polish cuisine and give you the full run down on the specials (they always have great ones).


The Village Tavern - Great food, easy atmosphere. Like wings? The Twisted Tavern sauce has won Best in the Valley for 3 (4?) years running for a reason. And the craft beer selection here is hand-selected by a true connoisseur. On a calm warm night, sit out on the porch!

Giovanna's Pizza & Pasta - Delicious pizza options & salads. Very fresh ingredients. They do a great job setting themselves apart from any typical pizza place. My favorite - a plain slice & a side salad. But I put the salad onto the slice and eat it with a fork & knife (gasp)! Pro-tip: Order ahead. Pizza takes its time.

Sweet Tooth

Sweet Art's Bakery - If you're shopping on Main Street or just getting done with lunch and feel like having something sweet, stop by our villages favorite bakery. The cinnamon rolls are nothing short of decedent. This cute shop is so dedicated to Main Street and paying-it-forward.

Geneseo is the kind of place you could spend all day, so you'll need some great places to recharge. If you stop by one of these great eateries and enjoy it as much as I have, stop into Touch of Grayce and let me know!

Much Local Love,


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