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For the Non-Millennials, or the cool ones; Print-Media! [2019 Update]

When it comes to travel, there are millions of online resources at everyone's finger tips. Google maps, Yelp reviews, Instagram #hashtags, it goes on.

Don't get me wrong, I love this stuff, but being born into the tech-generation I have had years of practice with filtering through all of the online gobbledygook to find the good stuff. Many are not so lucky. Which is why I have such a continued appreciation for print-media.

Print is designed, crafted, edited and reviewed. Everything put into a local newspaper or vacation guide is thoughtfully selected to pack a punch and share relevant information. Print media outlets can't afford to include the typos, poor quality photos & misinformation you'll find on many online outlets. This quality comes from the hard work and dedication of people who truly know the area and all it has to offer.

Local Print Publications for Livingston County, Geneseo, Letchworth and the Finger Lakes

If you really want to get to know the Finger Lakes, Livingston County, Letchworth State Park, Geneseo, NY, or any other local area, I highly recommend swinging by our "local-print-plant-stand" here at Touch of Grayce (or visiting the Geneseo Welcome Center housed within Howard Hanna Realty.)

Here you'll find...

Promote Geneseo! Map & Event Guide AND Travel Journal Guide & Map

Official 2018 Letchworth Country Summer Vacation Guide

Livingston County Chamber of Commerce Brochures

Local Newspapers: Owl Light News & The Lamron, SUNY Geneseo's Student Paper

Upstate NY Magazine

Upstate Summer Magazine

Doors of Geneseo, Local Scavenger Hunt by the Association for the Preservation of Geneseo

(Worth noting, but non-print) - Livingston Life Bi-Weekly E-Newsletter

Livingston Life E-Newsletter

I also came across this link to online versions of some other local publications.

These great resources are FULL of maps, guides, tips and articles. Come by Touch of Grayce and I'd be happy to point you toward the best one for your adventures!

Much Local Love,


Touch of Grayce NY
Jennifer, Assistant Manager, Touch of Grayce

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1 comentário

Jennifer & Grayce
28 de jun. de 2019

Update: Owl Light News just dropped off their July issue, so the rack is even more up to date!

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