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Stimulus Checks & Your Local Economy

Photo by Keith Walters

Stimulus Checks are here! A lot of Americans have taken a sigh of relief seeing that $1200+ hit their bank accounts. Now we can go forward with paying our bills and buying necessities. But for any bit “extra” that your check allows, where will it go?

Stimulus checks are intended to help stimulate or support the economy by providing consumers with some extra spending money, usually during a crisis or recession.

We as consumers have options, and we “vote” with our dollars.

You decide how much of that dollar stays in your community and comes back to you in the form of services, donations, job opportunities, and more. It is called the “local economic multiplier effect”.

“The multiplier results from the fact that independent locally-owned businesses recirculate a far greater percentage of revenue locally compared to absentee-owned businesses (or locally-owned franchises). In other words, going local creates more local wealth and jobs.” -American Independent Business Alliance

With your stimulus check, you now have the option, and some might say the duty, to help stimulate your local economy.

By spending that money on take-out from the nearby restaurant, at locally-owned grocers, or with family owned shops, you are voting to keep those businesses in your community when this pandemic subsides, and for years to come. By shopping local you are passing dollars to those who are going to pass them to a local charity or library, your children’s schools, and other local services.

Let that money work for you and your community!

Shop Local Businesses. Stimulate Your Economy.



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