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Different Masks for Different Faces!

You know what they say, "different strokes for different folks". Well the same holds true for a face mask. For some the pleated ones fit perfect, for others, they are constantly slipping down into the dreaded "chin guard"!

We understand the struggle and wanted to provide options for all sizes, all faces, all noses, & all ears!

Here are all of our great options, and what we love about them...

These handmade masks are our favorite. Maybe it's because they smell like lavender when you first take them out of the package (because their are made along side our amazing lavender Wraps and Medicine Balls), or maybe it's because our sweet friend Lisa hand-makes them so we know they are full of love.

Pros: Fully Adjustable, you can tighten it to fit your face & ears. Beautiful patterns & colors. Easy to wash, no wire or filter. Just $6 each!

Please be aware, these masks have a cotton string to tie - not elastic.

  • Civvy, or "civilian" masks are designed for us civilians, and sold to raise money to send masks to front-line workers at hospitals in need. Do your "civvy" duty! They are all made right here in the USA.

These are a beautiful & fashionable version of the standard pleated mask. They are plenty wide and are more fabric than they are elastic - for more coverage!

These "box" masks are not just the slim strip they appear to be - they open up! Like a tent around your face. Great to keep the fabric away from your mouth, but still firmly around your face!

These Cone Shaped Masks come in great unisex styles. They are easy to put on with little need for adjustment. They sit comfortably around the nose and chin.

These GORGEOUS masks are designed & hand made by artisan women in Mexico. They are brought to us by one of our favorite silver & copper jewelry lines Elysium. They are an oval shape, provide full coverage, and easy to wear elastic loops. The patterns and colors make these masks a statement. You can't help but smile (under your mask) when you see these beauties!

These masks support women in Mexico during these tough times, and are just $20 each.

I am an ADULT! But, I NEED to wear a kids sized mask! And I know I am not alone. Full sized masks just gape and slip down. So these masks are really for all ages.

But here is the benefit! Kids are prone to forgetting things, losing things, or dropping things. These mask come as a set of 6 disposable masks (3 of each style). Throw the pack in your car, and you will always have a quick face covering for any outing for all of the kids!

Also, there is nothing like "COOL SHARKS!" and "oOo UNICORNS!" to get a little one excited about putting something on!

A set of 6 is just $12.99, just over $2 each.

We love double use items! We have carried the Boho Bandeaus for so many years, and we love that they have come out as a great option for a face covering! Easy to leave around your neck until needed and then pull up over your nose. Their are so many fun patterns & colors & two sizes available. Full/Wide will drape down your neck, the Half size will fit mostly around your face & chin only. They range from $7.99-12.99

*TIP*: The other wonderful thing you can do with a boho/karma band is sew on a button on either side, wear it as a headband, and use the buttons to loop your mask elastic onto! #EarSaver

We hope this list helps you pick the best mask for you!

We are always eyes and ears open (mouth and nose covered) to new styles and shapes of masks! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Jennifer, Manager of Touch of Grayce


* Please know, these face coverings are supplemental protection to be used as a way to stop touching the face. These ARE NOT medical masks. There is no guarantee of protection against any virus or contagious illness. Face Masks are NOT FDA approved, NOT SURGICAL GRADE PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT and were manufactured as supplemental masks for daily use. *

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