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Chocolate & Caramels

Bequet Caramels are hand-crafted in small batches by a Montana artisan caramel maker. Béquet Caramel is a 7-time national award winner.

Chocolate Amatller was founded in Barcelona in 1797. After more than two centuries of manufacturing superb quality confectionery, is one of the oldest in Europe. Amatller chocolates are packaged in Art Noveau reproductions of beautifully illustrated wrappers and boxes originally used by the brand in the late 19th century.

Ethereal Creations: In a historic town square in the quaint town of Woodstock, Illinois, Mary, Michael, & Sara opened their craft chocolate and dessert bar, Ethereal Confections, in 2011. Since day one, we have continued to take the same care and attentiveness with each and every handcrafted bean-to-bar sweet, importing whole cacao beans from farmers producing single origin beans from Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Ghana, and Haiti. The cacao beans are then roasted, winnowed and ground into chocolate that gets transformed into exquisite confections and inventive flavor combinations. All cacao we import is ethically sourced. We only source from countries where we can visit the farms and co-ops. We pay above fair trade pricing – with a direct positive impact on farmers and communities. We only import heirloom, organic cacao- meaning the aroma and flavor is always the best possible!

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