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Let us reward you for being a "regular"!

To start gaining rewards, sign up at the counter.

This gives us an opportunity to get to know you better & Thank You for continuing to support us!

No computers. No card to forget at home.

In house. Personal. Rewards!

Rewards Card

Terms & Conditions

Emails & phone numbers will never be shared with anyone else.

We may use your email or phone to let you know about a few major sales throughout the year (or to call you if you forgot something at our store!) – We are a family store and not here to solicit or spam you - ever.

Each total added to the reward card will be before tax (subtotal).

Total purchases per day will be included in one box. Multiple visits during one day do not count for new boxes.

Rewards Cards will expire if no new shop is added for 365 days.

If you make a return which lowers your total for any particular shopping trip, Touch of Grayce reserves the right to make adjustment to or disqualify that specific purchase from your Reward Card total.

Returns made and exchanged for another item (of greater or lesser value) may also be adjusted or disqualified from your Reward Card total.

The following will not be included on rewards cards…

  • Special Book Orders.

  • Sale merchandise.

  • Items on a "promotion" which lowers cost.

  • Donations.

  • Consigned items.

  • Gift certificate purchases.

  • Purchases made using Gift Certificates, Store Credit or Rewards Card Credit.


If purchase amount is greater than gift certificate/store credit amount, the remaining total (before tax) will be added to Rewards Cards.

Using Store Credit:

  • When all 6 boxes are filled, store credit will be issued for use at your next shopping visit.

  • Rewards Credit expires 60 days from issue date (AKA your last shop date).

  • Credit cannot be used on sale items or Gift Certificate purchases.

  • Reward Credit totaling under $20 must be used in a single shopping trip, remaining credit will expire.

  • Reward Credit exceeding $20 must be used in at most two shopping trips (although use in one trip is encouraged).

  • Credit will expire 60 days after your 6th shop.

  • These limitations are in place to help you continue gaining credit for your visits! Entire store credit must be used before beginning a new Rewards Card.


Once you have finished a rewards card & used your credit, your next card will have a notation so both Touch of Grayce & you will know how many reward credits you have received! Customers who have completed multiple cards may start receiving additional rewards!

Touch of Grayce reserves the right to make changes to the Terms & Conditions at any time.

This Reward Card Program was designed for use solely at Touch of Grayce, Geneseo, NY.


For any questions regarding the program


Touch of Grayce | 65 Main Street | Geneseo, NY

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