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Play The Patriarchy Game

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Bash the establishment and have a great game night with your girlfriends!

From satirical women's media brand Reductress,
here is a hilarious, fast-paced card-matching game aimed at taking down
(or at least taking a good jab at) the patriarchy. Players each draw 9
cards; the Matriarch (the dealer) pulls a prompt card. Players can use
any combination of their cards to create a response to the
prompt-Subject, Verb, and Descriptor cards allow for infinite
possibilities of riotous phrases. The Matriarch chooses the best (or
funniest) answer, and the winner becomes the Matriarch for the next
round. The game is over when all the cards have been played, or someone
needs to pee.

* For 3+ players, ages 18 and up

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